CRL awarded exclusive UK distributor rights for SureBridge

SureBridge is a unique technique for the sustainable refurbishment of existing bridges, which require strengthening and/or widening. It was developed by Fibercore Europe in partnership with the European Commission, the USA and ten European Countries.

SureBridge uses a moulded FRP composite deck which is bonded to the existing bridge deck and can double the load capacity of the bridge providing there is sufficient capacity in the support sub-structure. At the same time, the deck can be widened by up to one metre to accommodate larger vehicles or pedestrian footways.

Full scale testing under university laboratory conditions has been undertaken during the three year research programme and design software developed for commercial use.

The existing surfacing on the deck is removed and the exposed concrete deck cleaned and repaired as necessary. The new moulded FRP composite bridge is delivered to site and laid over the concrete deck. The 30mm void between the two decks is grouted with a cementitious grout to form a bonded joint. The new deck is delivered complete with a resin based road surfacing. The new deck is 150-200mm thick so, depending on the original bridge deck surfacing, the approaches may need to be re-profiled to accommodate the new deck. New vehicle barriers can be fixed to the FRP composite deck and services installed as required.

CRL have an exclusive agreement with Fibercore Europe to design and install the SureBridge system in the UK. For further information or to arrange a CPD presentation please contact John Drewett.



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