CRL are now RISQS Certified ...

CRL recently passed the RISQS and Sentinel audit and are now RISQS approved/accredited. This will now enable clients like Network Rail, Transport for London, passenger and freight operating companies, main infrastructure contractors and many other buying organisations in the management of supply chain risk to engage with CRL with confidence that our policies and procedures are robust and up to date.

RSSB RISQS is used by buyers of products and services throughout the GB rail industry as their supplier qualification service. This in turn helps suppliers sell in to the GB rail industry by providing an open, fair and transparent way for them to be formally recognised as capable providers of products and services.

The scheme embraces rail's qualification arrangements. RISQS is industry-owned and governed, sponsored by a committee of representatives from across the rail industry. This reports into the RSSB Board, and provides a range of services to support operational delivery of the scheme.

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